Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository

Immediate request for eyewitness videos and photos.

How It Works

When a large emergency event occurs, law enforcement and relief agencies can request the rapid activation of the LEEDIR platform for FREE to start receiving and analyzing eyewitness photos and videos.

  • Step 1: LEEDIR Activation is requested

    Local law enforcement or relief agency (i) submits an activation form online and (ii) calls the LEEDIR hotline to request activation of the LEEDIR service. Information about the event and what type of eyewitness photos/videos needed is provided.

  • Step 2: LEEDIR is activated

    In a matter of minutes, the LEEDIR upload applications are activated with the appropriate request for eyewitness photo/video submissions and the managment/analysis system is enabled.

  • Step 3: Citizens are notified

    Law enforcement or relief agency notifies the media to broadcast the request for eyewitness photo/video submissions. Citizens are instructed to visit the LEEDIR website or download the LEEDIR mobile apps to submit information.

  • Step 4: Citizens upload

    LEEDIR provides upload tools that work on all devices, including smart phones, tablets and computers.

  • Step 5: Administrative logins provided

    Law enforcement and relief agency employees involved are given permissioned access to the LEEDIR eyewitness media management/analysis interface.

  • Step 6: Case Management

    Videos and photos are rapidly evaluated and categorized by multiple analysts for immediate distribution among participating agencies.

  • Step 7: Analysis

    Ongoing investigative strategies and theories can be immediately distributed to all agencies for collaborative consideration.

  • Step 8: Solicit eyewitness feedback

    The feedback loop enables law enforcement to contact eyewitness submitters for any additional photos, videos or information of the scene.

  • Step 9: Evidence is separated from information

    After the emergency event and analysis of the submitted information is complete, the law enforcement or relief agency must download the desired photo/video evidence and then the remaining data will be removed. Alternatively, the agency can choose to pay a small monthly fee for the continued storage of this content.

Be Prepared

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